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Login Sign Up. Overview: You are in general blessed with a good reasoning and understanding power yet you may at times feel perplexity while taking certain important decisions of life. Unnecessary and over excitement could be one of the reasons for this and hence it should be controlled.

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Do not get away with challenges that easily instead, tackle them in a courageous and bold manner. Rahu is placed in your moon sign and so it is going to offer invitation to unwanted and negative thoughts which can hamper your growth and development to a concerned level.

Weekly Horoscopes - This Week Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs

Health needs to be taken care of; eating healthy is one of the ways for keeping up sound health. The last few days of November are going to be very productive for you. Hence, it seems to be a fortunate month from professional point of view. Your marital life will be laid on grounds of understanding and trust. Your spouse is going to be your support system as well as your pillar of strength. You need to be really cautious when it comes to putting your signatures on an important piece of paper.

Horoscope pisces 20 october 12222

Keep your eyes wide open otherwise you might just be fooled by someone. Things will start returning back on track. However, there are odds of certain obstacles which can obstruct your admission process, so take careful steps. Hence, gather all your stamina as each and every drop of your sweat will be counted. September Horoscope.


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Think about it Libra? For more see Libra Decan 1 or buy eBook at end of post. Like part-time Persephone in the Underworld, Libra decan 2 has a horror of being imprisoned in a relationship forever, so they end up creating clever escape clauses.

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Like they may have a job that takes them away part of the year. They may have to set time aside to a demanding extended family, an all-consuming hobby or the worst case scenario, a drug habit….

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For more see Libra Decan 2 or buy eBook at end of post. The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decans energy since no planets will colour its expression.

What's your real zodiac sign?

With Libra decan 3 the brilliance and great fortune will be most notable in relationships. These folk can marry very well and their partners may well be the Mars power behind their throne.

What strikes me though is sometimes the great success can be their downfall and they can attract equally powerful enemies….