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One of the things that bonded us at the beginning of our relationship was live music. It was a dream vacation. We are usually very active travellers but this vacation we chose to lounge by the pool or beach with a drink in hand and just relax. I usually dislike having my birthday in December — Christmas is around the corner everyone loves a joint Christmas and birthday present, right?!

We moved from Scotland to France in , however, despite the move, Edinburgh had always remained as a very special place in my heart. So, hubby went on a secret mission to get me to the Scottish capital to mark the beginning of my new decade…. We indulged in many mulled wines at the Scottish Christmas Market, went to the Panto, had a spin on the ice at St Andrews Square and fell under the spell of the magical illuminations at the Botanical Gardens.

To Patagonia. But first stop, Buenos Aires. It was the perfect 50th birthday trip. So he decided to do something as far from that as possible. Which is why we found ourselves sitting in a tiny wooden boat, bailing water like crazy as we rocked and tipped and rolled and dipped with water pouring into the boat from the churning rapids all around us, surrounded by the towering walls of the Grand Canyon.

The 5-day trip through the Grand Canyon starts at the beginning of the canyon and the walls slowly rise higher and higher as the river gets deeper and the canyon gets bigger. Soon, layers of rock that had been right beside were high above us. Each night is spent camping on a sandy beach. In between rapids, there are opportunities to hike into side canyons, explore a mining tunnel, and climb up to an ancient granary.

There is no other way to experience these things other than to ride the Colorado River rapids. It ends with a hike up the Bright Angel Trail to the south rim. The best part? The guides baked a chocolate cake in a Dutch oven on an open fire for him on his birthday. So, he got his 50th birthday party after all! It was my 31st birthday and we were 6 months into our 14 month trip around the world at the time. We had planned to hike the length of the km O Circuit in Patagonia and we were 5 nights into the trek and nearing the end.

The night of my birthday we were in the beautiful Paine Grande campground. And the timing worked out well, because Paine Grande campground is one of the more popular campgrounds on the trek it had more services than your traditional campground, meaning that we were able to purchase a bottle of Chilean red wine to celebrate properly! My wife also purchased a WiFi package from the campground and arranged a surprise video call with some friends from back home which was an unexpected treat. It was a bucket-list destination for me, so to be celebrating my 35th birthday there made it all the more memorable.

Next, we marveled at the 15 moai atop of Ahu Tongariki, the largest ceremonial structure in Polynesia. For my birthday lunch, we ate at a small restaurant at Anakena Beach, the main beach on Easter Island. The rest of my birthday on Easter Island was spent relaxing at Anakena Beach and searching out the smaller, more secluded Ovahe Beach. It was a perfect day full of my favourite things- ancient sites, beautiful views, and exploration. When our son was 17 months old we decided to take a sabbatical for a year and travel around South East Asia.

They were happy to help us celebrate his birthday. When travelling long term , birthdays always tend to be fairly improvised. We were lucky we found a number 2 shaped candle in the local supermarket which, paired with a piece of chocolate cake, made a perfect birthday cake. I fashioned a birthday crown out of some card stock and we even had some Duplo which we had carried in our luggage since we first left for his present. All in all, he had a really fun birthday and we had a great day too. Our hosts even got him a marvellous soft football as a birthday present. It was a big hit and we carried it around with us the entire time we travelled, always remembering this special birthday.

The Meaning of Number 26

For my 29th birthday, I took myself to a surf and yoga retreat in a small town in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. In between, I napped in hammocks, snorkelled in the ocean, and took naps on the quiet and pristine beach. The day before I left, which also happened to be my birthday, my surf instructor took me out to the big waves. It was a battle to get past the breaking waves and it seemed that just as we did, my instructor set me up to catch the next wave. There was someone paddling in front of me I thought I might hit. But I pushed all of these doubts aside and started to paddle. When I finally came up for air, my instructor was beside me telling me I broke my board in half!

Numerology the number 8 personality (if you are born on the 8, the 17, or the 26)

So I tried again with a new board. This time, I felt sure and confident. As I began to paddle, I locked eyes with the surfer in front of me and he nodded. I paddled my heart out, popped up, and rode that wave all the way to the beach. When my best friend had a special birthday anniversary last year we decided to celebrate it in Napa Valley, California. We started the celebration with a glass of bubbly. For a special celebration there is nothing better than a tasting at a fabulous Domaine Carneros.

For a moderately priced option you can choose either Mumm Napa or Domaine Chandon, either of the experiences will be great, there is no bad champagne is Napa. After that we visited some of the iconic wineries in the valley: Robert Mondavi, Beringer and Inglenook. But Napa Valley is not just about wine. We had a fantastic educational tour of the beautiful grounds and exceptional facilities at CIA accompanied by lunch. Somehow even a simple sandwich at CIA tastes phenomenal and their desserts are to die for. We ended the day with a dinner at one of the stellar restaurants in Napa, Bistro Jeanty — it did not disappoint.

My husband is a huge fan of Islay whisky, known for its heavily peated style and made on the island of Islay , off the West Coast of Scotland. It was only after flights were booked that I discovered it was coincidentally when the island holds its annual festival of whisky and music, Feis Ile. This serendipity meant that we visited the distilleries during their hugely entertaining celebratory open days, each one taking it in turns to put on a real party of music, whisky tasting events and fun. Food and drink were available and much merriment was had by all.

There are some lovely pubs and restaurants, and we also love cooking in the kitchens of our self-catering holiday homes. When travelling long-term like we are, finding a special place to spend your birthday can be difficult, simply because you are visiting so many amazing places fairly regularly! Just last month I spend my 28th birthday floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan, and it was incredible! I was born and raised in Cagliari, Sardinia.

This island at the heart of the Mediterranean is one of the best places to spend the summer holidays, and people often pay a fortune to visit. A typical birthday for me involves spending a full day at the beach with family and friends, relaxing in the sun, swimming in the clear waters, chatting and just chilling. We usually go to Costa Rei , where I have been spending my summers since I can remember.

Italians have a strong bond with food and to us there is nothing better than celebrating with a good meal. So, at the end of the day we all get ready and go out to have a fabulous dinner. I get to pick where I want to go and what I want to eat. Always making the most of my annual leave! Some amazing ideas here! I went to New York for my 30th birthday and had an amazing time. What a fun list of birthday trips! I especially appreciate how you divided them by age. Thanks for all the great suggestions. These are all such wonderful birthday celebration ideas!

I think I need to plan my next birthday trip now. So many places to choose from, but would love to head to Patagonia and Easter Island! I love celebrating birthdays with adventures. This is such a fun list! I love going on a trip for my birthday. My husbands 30th is coming up and we have Japan planned but I like the idea of a cruise or Andalucia. Such a great concept for a post! I always say the best birthday gift is to go somewhere new! What a great list of birthday ideas. I would love to spend my birthday or any day on Easter Island, or that boat you featured for Santorini.

I think I tend to be home for my birthday, although I have spent two of the last 6 in Australia, one in Caines, the other in Sydney. Great ideas! I celebrated turning 50 with a trip to Egypt! My husband got a week skiing in Utah for his 50th. And I took my mom on a cross country trip by train for her 70th! Great places to go to celebrate any birthday! Lovely post and some more places to add to my bucket list. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Numerology: The Birthday Number | World Numerology

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Birthday trip ideas: 26 inspiring places to celebrate your birthday 29th June 10th July By Helen. Helen Hello! Premier Inn Hamburg review: is this the best budget hotel in Hamburg? Kavey at Kavey Eats 30th June at pm Reply. Kim 5th July at pm Reply. Wendy 6th July at pm Reply. Vanessa Shields 6th July at pm Reply.

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Birthday Number 26

I think its a process to learn our lessons…. Dont be too upset. Be bold and strong. You can overcome anyyhing and everything if you put your mind to it. Am proud myself born 17th August at 7. Being hardworking believe everything and everyone. If ubwork hard you will reach your goals at any cost.

Be proud if u born Number 8 at any month. Can you give me advice that,my numerology number 7. Can I marry number 8 girl. Hi, just shifted a home, my birth date is 17th and my new rented home number is 4 could tell me is this home compatible for me to live and it will bring fortune to me? According to me 4 number of a house is not auspicious infact this is the worst amoung all the nine numbers whereas 5 is the best.

Ramesh kumar Rs born 17 july Mylife my not very good my wife left me here name is Chandra M and I dont in come properly please tell my how it get. She is the most loved kid in the family.

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I just wish all the positives well said in this post are for her. Thank you for the great post. Lucky gem is blue sapphire. Lucky number depends on the day number and life path number. Generally for number eight, the number 5 will always be lucky for you. Sir i m not an astrologer, but as i read so many places so your lucky colour will be black, stone GOMED, and years of birth when ur age became 17, Most of the things mentioned are true. Its pain and suffering, lots of it. Kind of stuck in a whirlpool, completely helpless!

If there is rebirth I would never want to be born on 8th, 17th or 26th. Unfortunately, having numerology eight is very difficult. I think, being born of the 26th as I am is the worst one from 8th and 17th. The obstacles that come in the way is almost unimaginable, horrifically coincidental, and experience suffered that you would only hear in storybooks. You only possess the number because you can and beleived so even before u were born….

Dont give up. Keep going. Itll all be ok soon….. What doesnt break you makes you stronger. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you were born on the 10th, 19th or 28th of any month read the information in the 1 Life Path Master Number first then your birthday. Skip to content.

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Numerology Number 26

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